Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

Mobility scooters allow disabled people and seniors with mobility issues to enjoy their independence. The scooters allow them to move around the house and outdoors without depending on their caregivers, friends or family. If you wish to purchase a mobility scooter, continue reading this extract for some insights. 

Determine A Suitable Model

You will find different scooter models for sale. This could get confusing, since unlike with cars and home appliances, you may not have a clue about the best manufacturers. Online research and testimonials from people who use clients will help you determine durable scooter models. When conducting your research, enquire how frequent the person uses the scooter, the problems it has developed, the availability of spare and repair shops and the functionality of the various scooter accessories. 

Check The Scooter's Capabilities

Below are criteria to help you examine the scooter's capabilities: 

  • Check the scooter's weight limits. Given that you may increase weight, it is always wise to go for a scooter with a higher weight limit.
  • How much power does the scooter generate? A higher horsepower enables you to drive easier on inclines.
  • Is the scooter suited for indoor or outdoor use? An outdoor scooter has a high ground clearance and rough terrain tires that ensure you have an easy time driving up a curb, on cobalt pavements or rough roads.
  • How long does the scooter's battery last? It might be a concern if you will spend many hours on the scooter. Some scooter models will come with a backup battery pack.

Assess The Scooter's Features

Assess the mobile scooter's features. For example, how heavy is the scooter? A lightweight scooter can quickly be loaded and offloaded off your vehicle. The scooter's accessories should improve its functionality. For example, a basket will enable you to carry your shopping easily, while headlights will ease night driving. On the other hand, side mirrors and a horn will increase your safety on the road. Consider scooters with an oxygen tank carrier if you have a pulmonary condition. 

Scooter Comfort

If possible, you should test the scooter to ensure it is comfortable. The seat position should lean slightly to prevent you from developing back problems after spending many hours on the scooter. Some seats are adjustable and can rotate to ensure you have an easy time boarding the scooter. Additionally, check the legroom of the scooter. Safety accessories such as the horn, lights, brakes and acceleration should be within reach. 

When buying a mobility scooter, determine a suitable model and check the scooter's capabilities, features and comfort.  

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Mobility Scooter Buying Guide
14 January 2022
Mobility scooters allow disabled people and seniors with mobility issues to enjoy their independence. The scooters allow them to move around the house