Why Insulation Is Not Just Important in Winter

Insulation is often thought of as a primary winter need, but that is simply not the case, especially in a place like Australia where the heat can be almost unbearable without significant precautions in place. In fact, if your home is not insulated then you can easily spend more money cooling your home during summer than heating it during winter, especially when you consider all the additional fans you have set up in addition to your air conditioning. That is a good indicator of why insulation is so necessary during summer, and here are a few more reasons why you should call your nearest insulation contractor before the mercury starts climbing too much.

Cool Off Quicker

While insulation contractors can make your home cooler, you might not realise that the process of actually cooling your home is faster as well. Because there is nowhere for the cool air to quickly escape anymore, it stays trapped in the room with you for far longer. This is especially helpful for rooms that are far from your split system air conditioning unit (if you don't have ducted) and generally take a few hours to get cool.

Plug the Leaks

One of the main reasons why insulation is so important is that it plugs in the tiny holes where you lose the coolest air from in summer. If you have any rooms in your house that are clearly hotter than they should be, this could be an indicator that something is wrong with the current insulation you have or a sign that you don't have any at all. These heat leaks could also just be due to a change in materials, poor construction or a variety of other factors that are not necessarily that important. What is important is that you have insulation contractors take a look and provide their opinion.

Better at Night

When the sun tips over the horizon many people tend to turn off their air conditioning for the day in summer, and are often rewarded by very humid temperatures in a matter of minutes if not hours. If you have insulation, the cool air in your home will last for a lot longer, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning without even having it on. This longevity is another reason why insulation makes your home so energy efficient, so don't waste money to keep your air conditioning on.

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