Two tips for business people who want to put coffee vending machines in their offices' waiting rooms

Providing your business clients with access to tasty, hot coffee by putting a coffee vending machine in your office's waiting room is a great way to welcome these individuals to your premises and to make their time spent sitting around in this area a little more pleasurable. Below is some advice that you should take on board if you're going to invest in this type of vending machine.

Learn how to replace the vending machine's water filters

Most modern, high-quality vending machines that make coffee and other hot drinks have replaceable water filters that can purify the water before the machine uses it to make drinks. This results in the refreshments these machines produce being cleaner and tasting better than if they had been made with unfiltered water.

If you buy a vending machine that uses water filters, you should ask the person who installs your machine to demonstrate how to change its water filter. If you don't know how to do this and can't figure out how to do it on your own after the machine has been installed, you may become reliant on the person who periodically comes to service the vending machine to do this for you. Given that the machine will probably not need to be serviced more than once a year, this could present a problem, as a water filter will not remain effective for an entire year and will usually need to be replaced after a couple of months of usage.

As such, if you leave the same filter in the vending machine for a year, there will be extended periods during which the coffee that this equipment makes will be subpar due to the expiration of that filter. This could result in your business clients who get coffee from this machine feeling disappointed with their drinks rather than perked up by them.

Opt for a vending machine that makes bean-to-cup coffee rather than instant

It is best to get a vending machine that makes fresh coffee from beans that are ground inside the equipment rather than a machine that produces instant coffee. Instant coffee that is made in a vending machine is usually watery, flavourless and sorely lacking the richness of its bean-to-cup counterpart.

Because of this, it will not provide your clients with a genuinely enjoyable drink that will keep them occupied and content whilst they're sitting in your waiting area. In fact, providing them with access to this cheap and unpleasant form of coffee may make you look a bit miserly in their eyes, which won't get your meetings with them off to a very good start.

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