What to Do If Your Wedding Ring Has Seen Better Days

You may be approaching the anniversary of your wedding, and it's time for reflection. You've been together through thick and thin with many memories to share and you've even got mementos from that amazing day. As time goes by, everything will eventually wear out and you may have noticed that your wedding ring is not looking as sharp as it used to. However, you shouldn't simply live with this as you can take the ring to jewellers for a makeover. How can you return this treasured possession to its former glory?

Time Takes Its Toll

There's no doubt that your fiancee spent a lot of money on this ring before the wedding. They made it from good quality materials but even the finest jewellery can lose its glamour in the ensuing years. As you wear it every day, it has invariably come into contact with hard surfaces that can dull its appearance. It may have become discoloured due to various cosmetic products like perfume, or lost its sheen during household cleaning chores.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Jewellers today can work wonders as they deal with a variety of different wedding ring issues. They can clean the ring carefully using special industry techniques and organic products. They can even add a new touch to the ring by engraving a special message to commemorate your upcoming anniversary.

While you're there, ask them if they can resize the ring so that it doesn't pinch as much. As people age their bodies tend to change and the original design is not quite right any more. Normally it would be a little snug, but it may be too loose as well.

What If It's Damaged?

Of course, your ring could be damaged and may be beyond immediate repair. In this case, you could think about recycling the metal part of the ring, while keeping its current gemstone. You can then pick a brand-new ring and have the gem transferred to this instead, so you won't lose any sentimental value. Once again, this will really help you to commemorate your anniversary and prepare you to embark on the next phase of your life together.

You Don't Know Until You Ask

You will be surprised at the outcome when you trust your ring to a master jeweller. Give them a call and see how they can help you to celebrate. Imagine how happy your better half will be with the finished result!

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