3 Tips for Correctly Installing a Transformer in Your Business

Transformers are pieces of equipment that are used to transfer electricity from low to high voltages or from high to low voltages. However, in most cases, they are used for the former. Transformers are suitable for use in business and commercial facilities where the power that comes from the power plants is too strong for use. The transformer downsizes the electrical energy to an output that can be used by electrical appliances and equipment without causing overheating or damage. If you are planning on buying or renting a transformer for your business, it is essential to understand the following installation tips that will ensure safe and effective use of this equipment for your commercial needs.

Choose the right installation location 

The installation location for your transformer will determine its performance. You don't want to install it in an area with heavy foot traffic as it can be exposed to damage. If you have the liquid fill transformer, you also need to find a location that matches the fire hazard specifications indicated by the manufacturer. If installing on the ground, evaluate the soil and ground conditions to ensure that they offer adequate support. Also, you need to elevate the transformer from the ground to prevent moisture from coming into contact with it. Note that transformers are quite bulky and you have to account for their weight when installing them inside the building or on the rooftop.

Ensure adequate ventilation

Transformers, especially the dry-type one, generate a lot of heat as they transform electrical energy from high to low voltages. That's why you need to ensure adequate ventilation for the equipment to efficiently dissipate heat to the atmosphere. Choose a location that has sufficient space all around the transformer. Additionally, make sure that there is adequate protection from moisture; any contact with water or any moisture can cause hazards. You can put a warning sign that orders people to stay away from the generator to avoid injury.

Ground your transformer

As the transformer transforms electrical energy, it may generate static electricity which needs to be released into the earth; otherwise, anyone who touches the equipment can get an electric shock. Use permanent grounding that's correctly sized to the size of the transformer to ensure that all the charges are released into the earth. Inspect and test the grounding and ensure that is working correctly to prevent electrical hazards in your business.

Proper installation is paramount to maximising the efficiency of your transformer. Talk to your rental company for professional installation of the equipment.

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