Land Surveyor: Work Description

Whether you are subdividing land or planning development on a piece of land, a land surveyor is one of the most important people that will help you with the process. Simply put, a land surveyor is a person that does land surveying. Land surveying is the science or technique of determining the terrestrial and three-dimensional positions of spatial points on the Earth's surface, their angles and the distance between them. The points define maps, locations and ownership boundaries. The following are some of the duties of a land surveyor:

  • Directing and conducting surveys on request to determine the legal boundaries of property based on title deeds
  • Preparation and maintenance of maps, sketches, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys to certify and describe the work performed
  • Recording the survey results—clearly showing the location, contour, shape and dimensions of the land
  • Planning and executing ground surveys to establish elevations, baselines and geodetic measurements
  • Searching legal and survey records to obtain information on land to be surveyed
  • Manipulating survey equipment such as theodolites and GPS systems to determine the latitudes and longitudes of important features and land to be surveyed
  • Locating sites for geophysical prospecting to locate minerals such as petroleum and gold

Land surveyors are needed in both the residential and commercial sectors. They are required when putting up buildings, conducting strata surveys, subdividing property and re-establishing boundaries in the residential sector. Using their knowledge, they advise clients on the suitability of land for development and ensure that government regulations are followed. In the commercial industry, land surveyors are involved in road construction, mining projects, urban development and large strata projects. The data gathered by land surveyors helps engineers and architects to plan the designs and construction phases of the projects.

To become a land surveyor in Australia, you will need a bachelor's or master's degree in the field.  An annual practicing license is required for all surveyors. Further, a surveyor may apply for a competency certificate that could help build his or her profile. The certificate is obtained after completion of two years training with a licensed surveyor, completion of survey law, practical and project examinations and passing a professional interview.

A land surveyor is essential to the determination of boundaries and advising on the suitability of land for various projects. Surveying data provides insight to engineers and architects on how to plan development. Apart from a university degree, surveyors in Australia require an annual practising license and a competency certificate. 

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