4 Considerations To Help Your Construction Staff Stay Cool In The Heat

If you run a construction business and require your workers to be on site, then it makes sense to get them specific work outfits to be able to easily identify them and to keep them as safe as possible. But when the temperature soars, some work outfits can get way too hot. Here are some considerations to help your construction staff stay cool in the heat.

Choose Breathable Materials That Allow Heat To Escape

In summer, temperatures can get uncomfortable, so you'll want to make sure your employees have comfortable workwear on the construction site. Breathable fabrics like cotton are ideal because they do not trap heat and easily absorb moisture. This keeps construction workers as comfortable as possible. You can even get mesh panels incorporated into the clothing for effective ventilation and to prevent overheating.

Go With Long-Sleeve Shirts

Although it may sound counterproductive to beat the heat, long-sleeve shirts are a must for construction workers who spend hours out in the hot sun. The long sleeves cover up your employees to protect them from harsh sunburn issues and even the risk of melanoma in the long run. You must ensure the work shirts are well fitted and not too tight or too loose in order to keep your employees as comfortable as possible when they work in extremely hot conditions.

Choose Light-Coloured Fabrics

Colours can make a difference to the way heat can impact a person, so don't take them lightly. Light colours are known to reflect light, while dark colours absorb it. This means that a person wearing a darker colour is bound to feel more hot and sweaty, while a person in a lighter-coloured fabric will feel more comfortable because the heat is reflected away—which is exactly the benefit you're looking to achieve for your onsite construction workers.

Have Adequate Hats And Caps

While helmets are important and a legal requirement on the construction site, you'll also want your employees to have hats and caps at other times to protect them from the heat. For example, when they are commuting in public transport and need to walk to the site, the harsh sun could cause a headache and other sun-related issues. Equipping workers with hats and caps at these other times will ensure they remain protected from the heat.

You'll naturally want to keep your construction workers as comfortable as you can to help them maintain their productivity. Follow this advice for the best results.

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